We’re proud of the work we do for our clients. We take pride in delivering quality product in a timely manner. Our communication with the owner is constant and clear. Please view the examples of our projects located in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

Piney Run Stream Restoration

Project: TMDL Stream Restoration of Piney Run at MD 32 CL2535182

Owner: Maryland State Highway Administration

Location: Sykesville MD – Piney Run Park

Completion: April 2019 to Current

Contract: $9 Million


OLC will be completing stream restoration work within the Piney Run Tributary. This project is broken down into 5 phases requiring time management of stream disturbance.

Andrews Deluge

Project: Andrews Deluge

Owner: Bristol Contractors

Location: Andrews Air Force Base

Completion: November 2019 to Current

Contract: $2.6 Million


OLC is removing and replacing 5000 LF of 18, 16, and 10 inch DR-11. Majority of this work in a secured area that requires extensive safety precautions.

District 5

Project: District 5 Outfall Stabilization Restoration AT6885274

Owner: Maryland State Highway Administration

Location: Southern Maryland, MD

Completion: January 2018 to Current

Contract: $3.5 Million


Old Line Construction is working with the Maryland State Highway Administration to perform various drainage improvements throughout St. Mary’s County, Charles County, Calvert County, and Anne Arundel County in Maryland. The project includes drainage improvements, outfall protection and restoration, storm water management, heavy MOT work, and erosion and sediment control.

Quantico MCBQ Waterline

Project: Quantico Marine Base

Owner: United States Marine Corps

Location: Quantico, VA

Completion: July 2018 to November 2018

Contract: $1.9 Million


OLC replaced over 2 miles of 12” Ductile Iron Water Main on Application Trail at Quantico Marine Base. The project involved jack and bore across a live creek. Application Trail is an active training area for the soldiers at Quantico. This job required OLC to work very efficiently in highly sensitive areas due to the native and endangered species. OLC performed this project as a subcontractor to Asturian Group, Inc, a general contractor who is currently doing multiple projects for the federal government.

Fort Washington Estates

Project: Fort Washington Estates Wastewater Pumping Station CP6009B11

Owner: WSSC

Location: Fort Washington Estates

Completion: February 2019 to current

Contract: $1.5 Million


OLC is installing 920 LF of 8″ HDPE force main using fusion pipe within Fort Washington Estates. Replacing 4 man holes, 400 LF of gravity sewer, and retrofiting the waste water pumping station and meter vault. This job is an upgrade to the neighborhood’s waste water treatment system to bring it up to current code.

Patowmack Canal Great Falls Park

Project:Repair Storm Damaged Canal Locks and Stone Walls at Historic Patowmack Canal 192141A

Owner: National Parks Service

Location: Great Falls Park, VA

Completion: November 2018 to Current

Contract: $600k


OLC is repairing historically sensitive storm damaged canal locks and stone walls dating back to the 1700’s. OLC is using a bracing method to protect the locks while we put in storm drain inlets, gabion outfall structures, and a poured in place headwall structure. The job requires very safe methods to keep the historic canal from further damage as well to keep the pedestrians and hikers safe from harm.

TMDL District 3

Project: TMDL Storm Water Management Retrofits Group 1A AX7665E82

Owner: Maryland State Highway

Location: Germantown, MD

Completion: February 2019 to current

Contract: $800k

Description: OLC is removing the sediment accumulated after initial construction and installing a gravel wetland, bio soils, a new under drain, observation wells, and tying into the existing storm drain outfall.

WSSC/IPR Sewer House Lateral Replacement

Project: WSSC/IPR Sewer House Lateral Replacement

Owner: WSSC

Location: PG and Montgomery Counties, MD

Completion: March 2016 to May 2017

Contract: $1.7 Million


Lateral Sewer House Connection Inspection and Renewals at Seneca Creek, Watts Branch, Muddy Branch, Monocacy, Rock Creek, and Patuxent North. Laterals – Repair, replacement, and rehabilitation of sewer house connections (laterals) and the installation of cleanouts and mainline lateral connection seals. Lateral repairs involved work between the main line sewer and the property line. Roads – Repair, replacement, and rehabilitation of aging and defective sewers used Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), pipe bursting, and open cut excavation. Work also included chemical grout injection, internal spot repairs, external point repairs, manhole grouting and lining, and cleaning and inspection of sewers. Work occurred in neighborhoods and populated areas. Sanitary sewer system rehabilitation utilized mainly trenchless methods. Some repair work required open cut methods. Work consisted of rehabilitating sewer mainline, lateral, and manhole systems. Work was associated with stream restoration activities and the construction of temporary access roads in ESA

During this project, we had to repair, replace, and rehabilitate sewer house connections and underground utilities. This work was completed at local homes in Montgomery County in extremely populated areas. This project required constant MOT and compliance with Montgomery County Government Laws. Homeowner satisfaction was imperative during this project.

City View Apartments

Project: City View Apartments

Owner: WCS Smith

Location: Washington DC

Completion: August 2018 to current

Contract: $300K

Description: While actively working with DC Water, OLC completed Storm, Sewer, Water, and Pond Retention work for a new apartment complex in the heart of DC.

WSSC Fairland Estates Water Main Looping

Project: WSSC Fairland Estates Water Main Looping

Owner: WSSC Fairland Estates

Location: Silver Spring, MD

Completion: March 2017 to July 2017

Contract: $500K


Installation of 350 feet of 8 inch HDPE. Replacement of 104 feet of 8” D.I. water main for looping of Creekside Dr and Cedar Creek Ln in Silver Spring, Montgomery County Maryland. 550 feet of water main to be installed between Creekside Drive and Cedar Creek Lane. This water main installation will cross a Paint Branch Tributary (stream that flows to the Anacostia River) within Paint Branch Park.

The Fairland Estates Water Main Looping project consisted of installing 550 feet of water main between Creekside Drive and Cedar Creek Lane. This water main installation crosses a Paint Branch Tributary (stream that flows to the Anacostia River) within Paint Branch Park. Due to the location of this project, special work was required. Fairland Estates is a highly populated neighborhood. There are children at play, school bus routes, and high traffic areas requiring pedestrian control.

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling

Project: Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling

Owner: Asturian Group

Location: Washington, D.C.


OLC performed work on the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling base in Washington, D.C. It is a small-scale job including work doing storm drain repairs, and unclogging storm drains with the help of a pipe camera.

Florida Ave Condominiums

Project: Florida Ave Condominums

Owner: The Lexicon via M & M Site Utilities

Location: Washington, D.C.


OLC performed work at the Florida Avenue Condominiums located in the high-traffic area of Washington, D.C. Work being done included 4 separate waterline tie-ins, wet utility installments, and storm drain repairs in the middle of a busy street. While most of the work is being done during the daytime, there is also a portion of work that has to be done at night as well.

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Project: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Owner: NAVFAC via Asturian Group

Location: Washington, D.C.


This project was a small scale project done on a government base located in Washington, D.C. Old Line had to obtain a security clearance to do any work for this project. The job was completed on time, and the customer was pleased with our work.

Dunkirk Safeway Pump Station

Project: Dunkirk Safeway Pump Station

Owner: Safeway

Location: Dunkirk, MD


Work included installing a 96″ diameter Wet well 22 vertical feet deep , less than 20 feet from an active Safeway Store in Dunkirk Md. The existing station had to remain in service during Construction. Mechanical and electrical modifications were required to bring the new station on line. This project was completed in under 60 days.

Greenbelt Homes Underground Utility Replacement 16 & 17

Project: Greenbelt Homes Underground Utility Replacement 2016 and 2017

Owner: Greenbelt Homes

Location: Greenbelt, MD

Completion: June-August 2016 & 2017


The combined work consisted of the removal of sections of existing sanitary sewer and storm drainage lines by excavation and their replacement with new lines, accessories and PVC clean outs beneath the yards or designated residences. New lines were connected to remaining sanitary or Storm water sewer lines. This location required a great deal of hand excavation and mini machines to complete the work. The area had a highly populated and busy road that required extensive MOT.

Wayne T. Wallace Property

Project: Wayne T. Wallace Property

Owner: Caruso Homes via Delmarva Site Development

Location: Severna Park, MD

Completion: October 2017 to November 2018


The Wayne T. Wallace Property is a medium scale job located in the rural area of Severna Park, Maryland. Work being performed includes sewer doghouse manhole being installed in the middle of the street as well as water, sewer, and storm drain extensions for 5 lots. Old Line has the site work  from tree clearing, to wet utilities, to sidewalk and pavement repairs.